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    Sheet behaves differently on Dashboard

    Joe Oppelt

      In the attached example (9.3 example) I have a mock up of something I'm encountering.


      Two simple sheets on a dashboard.  (See Main Dashboard.)  When I click on one of the bars, that bar gets highlighted.  But when I try to click it again to clear the selection, nothing happens.


      On Dashboard 2, I can click and un-click all day as I would expect it would behave.


      If I go to either of the sheets displayed on Main Dashboard (Bottom List or Top List) the click and un-click behaves as I would expect.


      I cannot see what I did to make this happen.  Creating a new dashboard and dragging these two sheets onto it doesn't change anything.  Dragging just one of the sheets onto a new dashboard results in the same unexpected behavior.


      Dragging "Top List" and "Sheet 3" (the sheet that's on Dashboard 2) results in Sheet 3 doing the proper behavior, and "Top List" with the unexpected behavior.


      There are actions between some of these dashboards, but removing the actions changes nothing.


      I'm missing something simple.  I'm sure of that.  But I'm just not seeing it.


      One last thing.  Clicking and un-clicking on one of the DIMENSION cells on any sheet on Main Dashboard works properly.  It's only the bars themselves doing this.  And in the sheets, the marks are set to Automatic.  If I set them specifically to BAR, nothing changes in this behavior.


      EDIT:  Initially I said this was a 10.0 example.  I edited this to correct that to 9.3.  If you post a 10.0 example in response, that's OK.  I see the behavior in 10.0 as well.

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          Michel Caissie

          What I understand is that you are actually clicking on the Label on the Bar.  If you check on the sheet Top list  and you click on the bar at the right of the label you get the correct behavior.  If you click on the label then you get the arrows allowing you to move the label.  And when you click on the label you can  also see a tiny arrow appearing on the top center of the label. If you click on it then you will clear the selection. I know, it doesn't completely resolve your problem, but I don't know if there is a better way to resolve this.

          I though about maybe creating a dual axis with a transparent bar without any label. By moving this bar to front, when clicking on the bar it highlights the front bar, but with the effect of hiding the label on the bar at the back (



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            Joe Oppelt

            Huh.  I see it now.  I have added a blank line both above and below the text of the label in the label editor.  (Those are remnants from when there was more stuff being displayed in the label.)  And that makes the label completely occupy the space where the bar resides.  When I remove the blank lines, I have some "unlabeled" bar area where I can now click and de-select the mark.