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    Date Difference Between Multiple Date Entries and Multiple Location IDs

    Joel Niles

      Hi Everyone,


      Having a little trouble calculating the difference in days between the most recent date and the next previous date by Location ID. I need to find the difference in order to track whether projects are being completed within an acceptable amount of days at each Location ID. I'm not sure if this possible but a solution to this problem or an alternative way to do the same thing would be greatly appreciated!


      Example is below of how data in formatted and the calculation I need:


      Location ID          Completion Date                              Date Difference (Days)

      A                         January 4, 2015

      A                         January 30,2015                                        26

      A                         February 17, 2015                                     17

      A                         March 15, 2015                                         25

      A                         April 28, 2015                                            43

      A                         May 30, 2015                                             31

      B                         February 12, 2015              

      B                         March 10, 2015                                          25

      B                         April 5, 2015                                              24

      B                         May 25, 2015                                             49

      B                         June 20, 2015                                            25