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    Action Target Filters - Not working :(


      Hi all! Hope everyone is doing well here...


      I am trying to work in the Target Filters under the Actions option but could not get it to work, would appreciate if you guys can advice on this...

      From the screenshot, you can see that i am trying to achieve



      Labelled 1 --> When i click on the individual boxes here, i want Labelled 2 (Sheet Agent Raw Data) to be auto filtered for minutes that are selected in Sheet Agent Timebucket and not show everything.


      For example in this screenshot above, i have selected 8% Exceeded 15-20mins in Labelled 1. I want Labelled 2 to only show me values that are Exceeded 15-20mins for this particular agent, and not show everything...


      Pls see attached for the workbook. Data name and numbers are different from screenshot as it has been randomized for confidentiality purpose.


      Message was edited by: Marcus Yip Sorry Mod. I have attached a twb file instead of a twbx file earlier. Updated with the correct format! :)

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          Rahul Verma

          Hey Marcus


          Please attach the Workbook if possible otherwise mock up some data of yours and then send so that the problem can be solved effectively.




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            Rahul Verma

            Thanks for Response Marcus but you've attached .twb file which can't be opened anyhow! Please attach .twbx



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              Thanks Rahul... I have attached the twbx file

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                Chris Beck

                Hey Marcus,


                In this case you need to bucket out your time buckets as a dimension value in lieu of measure names. you will need to adjust the calculations, but regarding your dashboard action the below shows how to accomplish that.

                the calculation looks like this

                IF [UnschBreak Mins]>=31 and [UnschBreak Mins]<35


                "Exceeded 1-5"

                elseIF [UnschBreak Mins]>=40 and [UnschBreak Mins]<45


                "Exceeded 10-15"

                elseIF [UnschBreak Mins]>=45 and [UnschBreak Mins]<50


                "Exceeded 15-20"

                else ">20"


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                  Hi Chris


                  Thank you for your help! This worked really well but the % in my AgentTimeBucket sheet has all turned into 100%


                  Reason is because the denominator has also reduced to the number of times staff has went for the bucket that was selected. In this instance, how do i modify the denominator to actually be the total number of times agent has went for UnschBreak?



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                    Chris Beck



                    im glad this is getting you headed in the right direction. for the denominator you will need to use a LOD calculation that will ignore the filtering. here are some examples of how you can use lod calculations.


                    let's say i have Region and Order Date as quick filters and we are looking at sum(sales) for each region

                    sum(sales) would simply show me the sales by region, whereas

                    {sum(sales)} would be the total sales for the whole data set irrespective of the filters - the "{}" identify a LOD calculation

                    and {fixed [Order Date] : sum(sales)} would be the total sales in the data set for the order date that is filtered irrespective of the Region that is filtered. in this example {exclude Region : sum(sales)} would be the same thing.


                    In your case if you need to exclude the bucket calculation you field would look something like this:

                    sum([Number of Records)/{sum([Number of Records])}

                    remember that the above does not take into account any other filters so in your situation you will need to use the fixed, include, or exclude inside the "{}" to get the right aggregation for number of records.