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    Average per day per hour for sessions in a website

    Fabio Guimaraes

      Hi Guys!


      Need a hand here but I can't share the data because we have a confidential agreement with the client.


      The data is SESSIONS in a website per day of the week and per hour of the day. The image shows two charts, the first one is a line with an average of sessions and also Bollinger bands. The second is all sessions per day and also Bollinger bands.



      My doubts are:

      1. Im not sure if my average is correct. To calculate the average per day and hour I used this: { FIXED [DayofWeek],[Hour]:AVG([Sessions])}
        IS IT CORRECT?

      2. For the bollinger bands I created a standard deviation using this INT({ FIXED [DayofWeek],[Hour]:STDEVP([Sessions])}) and  just calculated the difference between the average and the standard deviation using this [Avg SessionsPerDayPerHour]-[STDEVPerDayPerHour] and this [Avg SessionsPerDayPerHour]+[STDEVPerDayPerHour]

           IS IT CORRECT?


      If all the doubts above are correct, Why I can't synchronize axis? (I still doing by hand)

      Thank you!