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    URL Filter View Doubt

    Giorgio Diaz



      I am working on customizing a URL to provide a specific type of data to one of our teams. I want to be able to use the source data of Business Partner Last Name and First Name to be able to apply this default view filter to a Dashboard. The Business Partner data structure is "LastName, FirstName" and I have tried several combinations but the URL does not display all the data associated to this "LastName, FirstName" when I click on it. I am adding the following string to the URL: "?Business%20Partner=LastName, FirstName"


      What am I doing wrong?


      Thank you!


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          Jonathan Drummey

          Hi Giorgio,


          By coincidence I just ran into this problem myself a couple of weeks ago. I had a Name field of the structure "Last, First" and tried to filter it via URL parameters and it wouldn't work. As far as I can tell (after extensive testing) the reason why is that Tableau accepts multiple values in the URL parameter and they are separated by a comma, so a URL parameter of the form ?Name=Smith, John filters for Name=Smith OR Name=John.


          There are two workarounds:


          1) Names generally aren't good to use for filters because multiple people can share the same name (especially when the culture is more homogenous, for example I live in a community with many French-Canadians so there are a lot of Cotes and Dubois's) and names often change, instead find something like an employee ID, partner ID, etc. and use that. However, sometimes common ID fields aren't available in all sources, so...


          2) Get rid of the comma in the field used to generate the URL parameter and create a calculated field in the target that doesn't have the comma. This what I ended up using in my viz, I had ?FilterName=[Last Name]%20[First Name] as the URL parameter and a FilterName field in the target source that was REPLACE([Name], "," "") to get rid of the unwanted comma.



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            Giorgio Diaz

            Creative and simple. I will do that. Thank you!