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    Problems with custom polygon creation

    Jason Firth

      Hi All,


      I have viewed quite a few threads on Tableau community but can't find the answer to my conundrum.


      Basically I am creating a custom polygon from csv with added path for one contiguous polygon representing Catalina Island California.


      The problem I have is that I appear to have lines going to the average lat lon of all points - into the map if you like.


      I can't see any issues with the lat lon creating polygon islands and path appears to all be in order - when I add a border the border looks as desired.


      Appreciate if anyone can offer advice if it is possible to remove these lines.


      CSV and Tableau twbx attached.


      Note this is a test for me to produce a larger array of polygons - without removal of these lines I won't achieve the desired effect.





      All 'PATH' field are in expected order


      I have tried with and without closing out the polygon but this makes no difference


      I also made sure there was no early termination of the polygon.


      My csv as you can imagine has 5320/1 rows in these 2 examples.




      Thanks in advance,