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    Measure range handled differently in similar workbooks

    Andrew Carroll

      I have existing workbooks using symbol maps which use different geographical splits for different countries (CBSAs in the US, NUTS 2 in EU, SA4 in Australia etc)

      When I apply a measure to the "Color" field the maximum value used to set the range of colors has always calculated to be the SUM of the values for the largest individual area (i.e. largest CBSA).


      However, now the maximum value is calculating as the SUM of all the values across all the areas, which is far too high to show the color differences, so all the areas end up using colors at the low end of the range.


      I have both started from scratch, and have taken an existing file and edited the data sources, and the behavior changes once the new data sources are applied. 


      Has this changed since Tableau 10, or am I just missing something obvious?


      Many thanks