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    Text in one column, numbers in another column

    gene shackman

      How can I prepare a table that has numbers in one column, and text in another column? The data looks like this



      Hair TypeMenMen NotesWomenWomen Notes
      Wild Red Hair7.3%15.4%*
      Tame Red Hair12.2%NA
      Short Black Hair17.1%s
      Long Black Hairs20.5%
      Short Blond Hair17.1&7.7%*
      Long Blond HairNA20.5%
      Curly Brown Hairs17.9%
      Straight Brown Hair9.8%*s
      No Hair14.6%*s


      I don't have a workbook, because I can't seem to make one where the dashboard looks like this. I can get a dashboard where all the notes columns appear to the left of all of the data columns. I want the numbers to be numbers so I can make charts and graphs with them.  The notes are things like not enough data, not available, too few for stable estimates, etc. I made these data up. Any help would be appreciated.