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    Need to Replace Data Source without Affecting the Dashboard.

    rohit chourasia

      Hi Guys, Need your suggestions. I made few dashboards in tableau using MySQL as data source, plus i used a tool between data source and tableau to rename few fields and take it to tableau.

      Now i want to remove the tool and have direct connection between data source and tableau. There are 100 fields in data source, but i need only 15 with proper name in tableau.Please suggest

      the ways.

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          Rahul Verma

          Hello Rohit


          As far as i get your problem, you want a particular set of data only to bring in Tableau so as to Optimise the Query. Whatever database you're using, doesn't matter! You can "Add Filter" while importing the data at very initial stage which helps you to minimize the amount of data and only relevant data comes in! As an example, I am adding a screenshot where I am importing Superstore data and there itself I am filtering the data based on Countries; I am only taking India as a country for my purpose.


          Even more, if you've already created data reports, even then you can add filters so as to take the desired dimensions only. If you've not used any of these in your reports, then dashboard won't get affected for sure.

          Method: Right click on data source and edit data source filters. \



          I hope this will help you

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            rohit chourasia

            Hello Rahul,


            Thank you so much for the quick response. Sorry I think the way I drafted the question has misled you.

            Let me re-frame my question,


            Initially I have used Alteryx tool to create Tableau TDE which fetches data from Mysql DB, in Alteryx I have renamed the DB column names as per our business need. Now I have to directly connect to Database(Mysql) without Alteryx so now the challenge is below


            1. Replacing the data source (i.e. TDE to be replaced with Mysql) without hampering the dashboard

            2. As field names & structures are different I am not able to replace at one shot

            3. Even when I use Edit relationship to map the fields after Replacing Data source, it is showing RED Exclamatory sign


            I need optimized way to do above task with minimal or zero rework,


            Forgive me if I am asking something ambitious or stupid as I am new to tableau


            Once again thanks for your prompt reply!




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              David Walker

              Hi Rohit,


              You will need to create a new data source to your MySql db.

              You must rename the fields (in the tableau data source editor) to match those in your Alteryx TDE.

              you must also recreate any calculations that were created in Alteryx and part of that TDE.

              Once the new data source is IDENTICAL to the Alteryx TDE, you can use replace data source (data menu).


              this can be a difficult task.

              sometimes it can be done.

              sometimes you just have to recreate your workbook from scratch.

              always best to ensure your data model is complete before getting too far along with your viz/workbook design.


              David Walker