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    Aggregate a dimension based on filtered measure values


      I'm new to Tableau and I'm working on a usage summary report. The table from my database looks like this. Not the greatest representation. It just means company AAA has product 1 installed on 50 devices.


      Company Name Product 1 - No. of devicesProduct 2 - No. of devicesProduct 3 - No. of devicesProduct 4 - No. of devices


      This is just a sample table. The one I will be working with will have over 15 products and more than 10000 company names. The goal is to answer the following question based on this report.


      Number of customers that use a certain combination of products. For example, a customer uses both product 1 and product 2 if : Product 1 - No. of devices > 0 AND Product 2 - No. of devices > 0. Here's what I did and I'm convinced there is a better way to do it.

           I created the following  calculated fields

          Product 12 = IF Product 1 - No. of devices > 0 AND Product 2 - No. of devices > 0 THEN 1 END

           Product 23 = IF Product 2 - No. of devices > 0 AND Product 3 - No. of devices > 0 THEN 1 END

           and so on.....

      Later, I just counted the number of times these values were set to 1 , and used that to represent combinations.


      Can someone suggest a better way to do this, keeping in mind that there is going to be an enormous number of combinations and will be very tedious to create a calculated field for every combination?





      Number of customers with (Browser Total > 0)