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    Sorting HELP!

    Mikey Michaels

      Hello All,

      On the attached I'm trying to sort my Global Name help by a calculation I created called "Sort Measure". I have used this method before in the past to sort, however, when I go to the Global Name field to sort, '"sort measure" isn't an option. I know tableau doesnt like to sort by table calculation, but I have done this before. Is there anything I can do to get this to work?




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          Kajal Chandani

          Hi Mikey,


          Please look into the workbook attached.
          This will answer your query.


          Please let me know if it helps.



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            Mikey Michaels

            This is an interesting idea, Kajal.

            There is one shortfall I noticed using this method.


            When I added YEAR to the "Top N States" tab, I clicked the sort descend button, and noticed the set did not update when I selected Year = 2012. Below is an example of this:


            Ultimately I would like to able to sort each fiscal quarter when "quarter" is selected on the the Select Date Level parameter, and would like to sort each month when "month" is selected on the the Select Date Level parameter. Any other ideas on how to accomplish this?

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              Kajal Chandani



              in this case, when you are putting year on filter and only focusing on 2012,

              Please do the following : Put Year(order date) on filter shelf

              Right click on it and then Add to context.


              It will give you the desired result with proper sort.