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    Filtering based off of last N months

    Mikey Michaels

      Hello All,

      On the attached, I need some help

      I want to present only those salespeople who had >7 Records AND >30% EASy Utilization over the last N months (not sure how to create this right now).


      I realize I could just add quick filters for these data points like on the attached, however, I want to always show the line chart as a solid line over the 12 months. For instance, if I set the last N months filter to 3 months,  I still want to see the salesperson's EASy Utilization over 12 months, but only want to present those salespeople who met the >7 records AND >30% EASy Utilization filter conditions over the last 3 months... Is this something a Set could answer?



      Not what I'm after-> need solid 12 mo line chart