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    Changing Data Source Dimension dynamically based on the User logged in.

    Monika Patel



      We use Tableau as a Adhoc Reporting Solution for our clients. We have more than 80 clients and we have published data source on Tableau Server for them to create their own reports. We are using SQL Server as our Data Source and we are using live connection.

      One of the component of our data is Custom Columns, that is data that we receive from our client is stored in columns names as zcustom1, zcustom2,zcustom3 etc. This is because these data is not standard across our client and each column means different to each client.
      We maintain dictionary table which tells us what does zcustom1 for client 1 mean


      Now in Tableau, our requirement is to show the column header as what it actually means to that client instead of zcustom1, zcustom2 etc. So is there a way I can change this column header based on the client who is logged in?


      We have tried using dynamic sql in SQL server, but when we are executing SP in Tableau it is taking forever to load schema as it is trying to insert all the data in memory, so we thought that is not the way we want t o go unless there is a way to use SP efficiently?


      We don't want to main 80 Data Source for all our clients so that is not the option we are considering.