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    Hi guys need your suggestion whether to go with DSN connection or DSN-less connection while connecting to Cassandra Data base using Simab Apache Cassandra ODBC driver.

    naveen kumar

      Hi guys I am looking for a solution how to get connected to Cassandra Database using SimabApacheCassandraODBCDriver.

      Please also go through the attached document(Simab Cassandra ODBC Driver installation guide page no 12,36 and 37) and the image

      What I need your suggestions/recommendation whether to go with while  DSN connection or DSN-Less connection . If I go with DSN connection what should I enter in the place for USername and password(whom should I ask whether the client or I can create myself)?


      I have provided with "

      Kindly find the below details for our Cassandra Cluster,



      Port: XXXX

      Keyspace Name: XXX_XXX_XXX

      Table Name: xxxx_xxxx

        CQL used for creating table: 

      create table abc_data_prod  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


      What should I do??

      I need your suggestions...