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    Need help in applying a date filter to only a single mark type in a dual axis chart

    Hari Sannareddy

      Hi there,


      I have attached a copy of my packaged workbook that I am trying to achieve the following but not very successful so far. I found few posts related when I searched but still could not apply what I learned to solve the 2 issues below.


      1) Apply 'Closed Date' filter to show only 2016 data on the bars showing cumulative number of projects closed (and planned to be closed) every month without making an impact on the line graph. In other words, I should have a total of 105 projects for the December bar and the line graph should have a total of 121 projects (works when the 'Closed Date' filter is removed).


      2) Apply 'Project Type' to color code the bars. Right now, when 'Project Type' is used to color code the bars are diminishing in size since not all project types are included in each month. Not sure how to retain YTD totals each month irrespective of missing certain project types in a given month.


      Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.