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    Inserting a parameter in to a measure filter

    Maximus Decimus Meridius

      I have a filter which shows the number of members and some demographics based on tenure. Currently this filter uses "at least" value



      So I'm looking at data for anyone with a tenure of 7 or more. What I want to do here is to insert the value from a parameter as the "at least" value. The reason for this is I'm using the parameter in  some calculations, and I now have to manually adjust the tenure filter to match the parameter. If everything was controlled through the parameter it would make things much smoother.


      So in this case I would enter 7 in to my parameter, and it would populate as the at least value in my filter, as well as to my calculated fields. I thought it would be easy, but none of the articles I'm finding on parameters seems to deal directly with this..