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    Grouping Tenure Months

    Jesse Narang

      Hi Tableau community,


      I have a data source that contains active and termed hires information. I created a calculated field called "Tenure" which displays the number of months the person has been working for. I want to group these numbers such as:


      0-3 Months


      4-6 Months


      7-9 Months



      10-12 Months


      I know I can create a "group" and do that every single week but I will be adding more rows to my data source therefore I want this to be automatic instead of me doing it manually. Someone mentioned I can do that using bins but I am not familiar with that.


      I hope I was able to explain myself. If anyone has any questions then please feel free to bring it up.


      I have attached the workbook(Version 9.3).


      Thanks and Best Regards,