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    Problem with currency conversion calculation when blending 2 data source

    Duy Bach Nguyen



      I have 2 datasouces. One contain the Region information, Opportunities in each region, date, the amount of revenue for that opportunity and the currency of that opportunity. I have a second table that contain the conversion exchange rate for each currency of the first datasource. By using the below formula, I can convert the revenue into USD for each opportunity as long as I put the currency field in my view


      sum([Total Amount (All Items)])*Min([Sheet1 (Aug FX)].[FX])



      HOWEVER, if I remove Opportunity currency from the fields, the calculation will not work at all. My problem is I want to draw charts based on the REGION level, not on currency level like this


      Please help if you know how to get around this problem. I have attached a sample workbook here