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    Advanced layout insights for Tableau

    sacha nicolai
      Advanced layout insights for Tableau (Mobile)



      Our device target is Tableau Mobile on iPad Pro (2048x1536) but the only available templates are iPad (1024x768) and iPad Mini (also 1024x768 - confusing).

      To achieve advanced layout the need for more formatting options is urgent.

      • Need a way to fix the height and/or width of a tiled container under a specific template (iPad, desktop etc…)
      • Need a padding/margin option. To be able to add or reduce space between the container and/or their elements.
      • In layout view mode, the ability to rearrange/move the order of containers in the list/tree.
      • Need the copy/paste/duplicate option for containers. This is not covered by the Copy Format option.


      During our Tableau development, we had to go from one massive workbook to multiple manageable workbooks.
      The challenge we are now facing is how to correctly link these workbooks together by using actions and URL links.
      • Actions are not working if the workbook is published without the option “Show sheets as tabs”. Very confusing.
      • Actions are not working across multiple workbooks. The only way to have a working link is to use the URL action and switch from Mobile to browser view. By doing so we lose control of the UI as the user browser settings override Tableau settings by creating endless browser tabs.
      • In order to comply with our Corporate Branding, we created custom color palettes. The number of color swatches is limited to 20.
      • The tableau font is good but we need more typographic controls (kerning and leading for the titles).
      • A font style sheet would be handy.
      • When importing an image directly it would be useful to have controls to fix the height/width.
      • Missing the option to insert a line between elements. A separator (or Horizontal Rule as in Html). This would help greatly the reading/visualization of the different page elements.
      • TBC...




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          Hi sacha nicolai,


          Thanks for your feedback!

          We would love to see a thread on the Ideas section, it could get more visibility and upvotes from our community

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            Kim McAvoy

            All the above sound awesome!


            I'd also love a way to put the same panel of filters and parameters onto every sheet so that these can have a consistent look and feel (and be easy to change this look and feel) on all selected sheets where the panel (container?) has been included.  So, a master container of filters and parameters that can be plopped wherever necessary and look the same on all pages.


            Also, the new capability to include bars and other graph visualisations in a column chart is great, but why do the headings (axis labels) have to be at the bottom of each column?  Is there a way to make them flip to the top without creating a dummy field as a dual axis?