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    Comparing Past 7 days with same day previous 4 week average

    Siva Venkataraman

      Hi Tableaunians,


      I am getting stumped with reproducing  a visual similar to the below using Tableau. I need to produce this visual for a bunch of metrics (orders, sales, visits, conversion rate etc) in a Tableau dashboard... Can you please help?



      I tried the following using the superstore.


      Created a calculated field - WeekDiffDateandToday: datediff('week',[Order Date],today())

      Created another calc field - ShiftedDate: dateadd('week',[WeekDiffDateandToday],[Order Date])

      Created a calc field for filter - Weeksdiff: datediff('week',[Order Date],today()) and set it to relative weeks 0 to 5.


      When I try to put everything together, I am not able to get it working... The closest I got is this.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

      Thanks in advance!