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    Devs on Stage Fav New Features...

    Shawn Wallwork

      I couldn't narrow it down to one, so here are my top 10 (well 11) new features mentioned at the Devs on Stage session:


      • Map scales
      • Map zoom-in drill down
      • Map spacital file connector
      • Tooltip Selection
      • Filter Presets
      • Legend per Measure
      • Distribute Evenly
      • Expressive Text Editor
      • Join on Calculation
      • Drag & Drop Unions
      • PDF Connector


      What were your's?



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          Jonathan Drummey

          My faves were margins & padding and the expressive text editor, I was taking notes during the session, here's the full list.


          Devs On Stage Notes


          Seeing the next few releases:

          25 new features from the ideas forum, totaling 1500 votes


          # Maraki - Analytics


          ## Automatic Drill

          change vizLOD based on zoom level (state to county)


          ## map scale

          maps have a scale legend


          ## spatial file connector - 10.2beta

          drag out geometry onto LOD


          ## python integration

          python server


          ## tooltip selection

          what was demoed earlier today - categorical fields can be selected in the tooltip and the current viz is highlighted, other vizzes filtered?


          ## filter to latest date

          Filter Presets - Presets tab has No preset, Latest date Value, Current date value


          ## step & jump lines


          ## Legend per measure

          separate color legend for each measure


          # Steph Dietzel - dashboards & stories


          ## Distribute evenly

          evenly distribute objects in a container


          ## margins & padding

          margins around dashboard or objects w/control on all 4 sides

          padding on inside of layout


          ## add border to any object on dashboard


          ## expressive text editor

          hyperlinks, images, etc.

          bulleted lists

          columnar layouts


          text everywhere titles, captions, tooltips, etc.


          ## web authoring

          mapbox, show/hide headers, resize them, reference lines, analysis->disaggregate measures, number formatting


          ## web authoring storypoints

          story authoring on the web

          controlling the navigator


          ## re-announce web full screen mode



          # Britta Nielson - mobile


          ## Direct linking


          ## Smooth tooltips for mobile

          tap & hold to get the tooltip at the bottom of th screen


          ## Commenting in mobile

          includes emoji in comments


          ## Offline interactivity

          includes tooltips, data highlighter, legend highlighter



          # Zaheera Valani - data prep & access


          ## Join on calculation

          when joining, can create a calculated field in the join window

          doesn't appear as calc field


          ## union across database tables


          ## PDF connector


          ## JSON connector

          (nothing new now)



          # Ben Lower - Extensibility


          ## Server Client Library

          (already announced)

          <20 lines of code fora migrating from production (from 300 previously)


          ## Document Library


          ## REST API: High Resolution Images


          ## REST API: JSON & CORS Support


          ## Web Data Connector - Multi-Table support


          ## getDATA(): 3rd party charting libraries

          code is up on github now


          ## mobile app boostrap

          already announced

          flavors for iOS devs & web devs

          code is up on github now

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            Yuriy Fal

            Shawn, looks like you're fond of the mapping stuff :-)


            The two pain-killers are Filter Presets and Legend per Measure.

            Every single our customer came up with the two hemorrhages :-)


            I personally favor everything that helps

            building data structures suitable to the task.

            So Joins on Calcs and DnD Unions are my favs.


            As for dashboard layout options, I was surprised

            by the (strong positive) emotional response to Distribute Evenly.

            Thinking about it later, I would expect this option to ease

            designing of a whole dash layout (think of grids).

            Together with spacing & padding it gives control and flexibility.


            And again it remembered me about early days of the web,

            when we've been doing invisible pixel gifs as white space boxes,

            then came CSS and we've got design grids all of a sudden.

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              Phil Naranjo

              Hi Jonathan - My team is working on the margins, padding, and borders feature plus distribute evenly.  We'd really like to get your input and perhaps have you take a closer look at what we're planning for version 1.0 of this feature.




              Product Manager, Dashboards Dev Team

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                Hope Stiles

                Any update on the Distribute Evenly feature?  I wanted to use it but it doesn't seem to be available.  Did the feature get delayed?

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                  Yuriy Fal

                  Hi Hope,


                  It is announced to be generally available

                  in upcoming version 10.3.

                  Not ready in Beta 1, though.




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                    Phil Naranjo

                    Hi Hope Stiles and . YuriFal--


                    It didn't make it in to 10.2 beta 1, but we expect in beta 2.  I'll post an announcement. 


                    Looking forward to your feedback.




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                      Phil Naranjo

                      Distribute Evenly is in 10.3 Beta 2!  Items added to layout containers get evenly distributed with a single click. It's exposed as a menu option for horizontal and vertical layout containers in Desktop and the Web. 


                      Join the beta and send us feedback!