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    Changing the label

    A K

      Hello all,


      I am trying to change the labels "RD Coit" to "Coit", and "RD Preston" to "Preston" at the bottom of the chart. I tried using "Edit alias ...", but it did not work since the labels already exist. Any comment or solution is highly appreciated.

      Thank you.


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          Glenn Kuly

          Hi Ali, "RD Coit" and "Coit" are two different variables, why do you want to use the same name for each?


          -- Glenn

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            Walt Reed

            Hey Ali,

            Since you already have calculated fields under "Auto Percentage" that are named "Coit" & "Preston", Tableau will not allow you to use the same alias' for Coit & Preston under "Revenue Days". Therefore, if you change the name of the calculated fields under "Auto Percentage" to something different (e.g. "Colt %" & "Preston %"), you can change the alias for "RD Colt" & "RD Preston" to your desired names.



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              A K

              Hi Glenn,


              These are the name of gantries (toll collection locations on toll road). I need to create 5-6 sheets with different information on those gantries. So, the name of the gantries remain the same in all graphs in all sheets, and the tile of the graph would reflect the type of information for those gantries. If I cannot find any solution I need to add a prefix / suffix to the name of gantries:

              For example in "Revenue Day" sheet I use "RD Coit" and "RD Preston"

                                   in "Total Transaction" sheet I use "Tot-T Coit" ...

                                   in "AVI Transaction" sheet I use "AVI-T Coit" ...

              which does not look well specially when the number of gantries increase.

              Thank you.

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                A K

                Hi Walt,

                Thanks for your comment. As I mentioned in previous post, since I have different kind of sheets and about 15 gantries in each, that would be better if we can show only the name of the gantries (without any prefix or suffix).

                Thank you.