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    What Tableau elements can be passed/referenced in an Action URL

    Sam K

      Hi All-@

      So I am researching possible ways to integrate Tableau with other platforms, basically to allow Tableau users to write back feedback ( not to manipulate source data). I was able to find how to pass parameters in the URL using  <Paramters.param name>, for example:


      Where <PriceParam> is the name of a Tableau parameter I created.


      So far so good, but I would like to know what else can be passed/referenced in Tableau Action URLs other than Parameters. For example, I noticed that when I create a Text field/object, I can reference several Tableau system variables (through Insert option), such as:

      <User Name>

      <Sheet Name>

      <Workbook Name>


      But I was not able to reference these variables in the URL similar to Parameters. Is it even possible to do that? this will solve a huge part of the integration problem we have, so your help is much appreciated.