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    Help in formula - If match primary condition and secondary one then xx

    Morgan DUARTE

      Hi there,


      I'm working on an incentive plan and need your help to build a formula that works...


      I have 3 activities with a target and an actual value"

      Act1 = Target: 100, Actual: 90

      Act2 = Target:50, Actual: 60

      Act3 = Target: 40, Actual 30


      If they achieve Act1 + Act2 targets, they got 2%, if they achieve Act1 + Act3, they got 3% and if they achieve all, they got 5%


      So Act1 target is the primary condition. If they failed this, they don't get anything.


      How can I build a formula to display how much incentive they will get?


      Any ideas?


      Thank you !