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    Connect Tableau to SAP BPC MS 10

    Paul Damen



      I want to connect Tableau to a SAP BPC Microsoft environment which runs on a virtual machine.


      Any good ideas how to achieve this?


      Regards, Paul

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          Cheryl Grinds

          Hello Paul,


          You might be able to connect to SAP BPC using our ODBC connector. More information on connecting via OBDC can be found here:  Tableau and ODBC | Tableau Software


          Hope this helps!


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            Filip Marek



            Have you been able to create the connection between SAP BPC and Tableau? We are trying to pursue similar project to visualize the forecasting data...

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              vamshi reddy

              Hi Cheryl,


              Do you mind elaborating this connection details if you had successfully connected to SAP BPC?


              We are trying to connecting to BPC soon in the next sprint and would like to know more in terms of Limitations and Challenges if any..




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                Cheryl Grinds

                Hi VR,


                I apologize for any confusion, but I haven't connected Tableau to SAP BPC. I was offering the ODBC connector as a possible option for the original poster as it will often work for data sources that we do not have a native connector built for. Some of the limitations with ODBC are addressed in the article I posted above.




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                  Christopher Bennett

                  Hi Paul,


                  Connect to MS Analysis Services to use the BPC Environments and Models.  Tableau prompts you to install drivers if necessary - select the one that corresponds to your MS SQL version on the BPC server.

                  You'll need to use your System Admin User account from the BPC server to do this.

                  This means that all of your environments and models are accessible with this Data connection.

                  There is no way to only access one Environment and one Model in that environment.

                  In that case you would need a new BPC server installation with a different system admin user and then back-up and restore the original server environment (with the model in that you wish to access) to that new server.

                  Then connect to the new server and you should then only see the one environment and model.

                  That's potentially an expensive way to utilise Tableau and preserve some security over your financial data from BPC.

                  And you'll of course have to re-connect all your BPC users of the model to the new server or regularly do the back-up and restore.

                  There's potentially another way to recreate the Analysis services cubes using SQL and possibly SSIS, but I have not had chance to explore that and it's more advanced than I'd like to be involved with.


                  I cannot find any way to limit the connection in Tableau itself.  It would be great if I could limit the connection to one Environment and one Model and then secure that with a password in Tableau.

                  If any one works out how to use BPC's security for these connections it would be even better, but that's being by-passed by going direct to the BPC server.


                  One last comment: it seems that the Dimension members are only available as their ID's in Tableau.  The description property (metadata) is not visible to me.  This means you will have to make some renaming in Tableau of all the Hierarchy LEV nodes in order to make it useful to users.  And they will still have to know what the ID's mean.