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    Automate csv download using GET to "https://...some-view.csv"

    Jake Bouma

      Hi folks


      I'd like to build a GET request that will make use of the csv download feauture described in

      Exporting CSV Made Simple | Tableau Public

      to serve datasets like an API using our Tableau server.


      This gives us some pretty cool applications, like serving a small list of leads to a lead engine on request from the engine.

      So our Tableau developers would be able to build and monitor a lightweight API: build a view, and pass a URL on to developers to integrate.


      Authentication and redirects are preventing me from getting a POC up.  So a few questions:

      1. Is this possible without the REST API?
      2. Are there any plans to include a data download feature in the REST API?
      3. Can this be done with the javascript API?


      Thanks in advance