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    Filter Using Group

    John Quintana



      I am trying to filter using a dimension that contains groups, when I select a city that has multiple cities grouped into one I get the value for each when I add the measure to my table.


      What would be the best way to solve this?


      Thank you!

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          Cheryl Grinds

          Hi John,

          Would it be possible for you to show us a sample workbook recreating the issue with dummy data?



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            John Quintana

            Hi Cheryl,


            Unfortunately I am not able to do that.


            Here is what I have done so far with a little background info:

            - I am measuring sales performance by sales rep

            - Each salesperson has a territory i.e. New York, Chicago, Boston, etc.

            - In my specific example I am working with a group of Sales Reps that all have single cities assigned to them as their territory, however the rep that is responsible for the Boston area has recently absorbed Providence and Springfield and the sales data for those 3 cities need to rolled up into just Boston. I ideally would change the data to make those cities all just say Boston rather than the different cities, but the ability to drill down in other dashboards is needed as well.

            - I have created a group that I called 'Boston' that includes data for sales from Boston, Providence, and Springfield

            - When I add that group as a parameter to be able to filter by it includes all of the sales number for each city, but on an individual level rather that displaying a total sum for all three together. 


            Basically, I have the month, the rep, and their total sales and when any other rep and city combo are selected as filters from the parameters their respective values appear in the table. However, when Boston and the Boston rep are selected, I get 3 values for total sales under each month, one for Boston, one for Providence, and one for Springfield.


            Sorry, for my late response I was OOO for the past 2 weeks.


            Thank you very much!

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              John Quintana

              Here is a screenshot of how all totals for each city are displayed individually.  The top row should show $42,928 rather than individual totals that total to that number.


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                Cheryl Grinds

                Hi John,


                This is interesting, I tried recreating the issue based on the information you've provided but all of my grouped data appears as I would expect it and not separated as you're describing.


                I recommend opening a support case to have them look at your data and try and identify what's going on.