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    Dashboard on Tableau server is cut off at the monitor size

    Pavani Donepudi



      This is seems to be very simple setting but unable to figure out why. I have a dashboard with the dashboard size set at 1200 (W) * 1400 (H)



      Once the workbook is published on the tableau server, and when I view it on a big monitor, I don't have any problem seeing the dashboard...... Normally when a tall dashboard is built, I was easily able to scroll up/down through the dashboard irrespective of the device (either big monitor or laptop screen  but in this case, the content is just chopped off at the screen size and I cannot view the bottom portion of the dashboard.The only way I can do is by pressing CTRL + - to reduce the browser font size and by doing so, I cannot view the dashboard clearly.


      Any ideas of why this is happening? Is there any device specific setting that I should be doing prior to uploading the dashboard.......