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    Help with Data pivot in Tableau 10

    Orlando Suarez

      Hi folks! Could really use some help.


      Back In Tableau 9.3 I loaded a very large Excel spread sheet (13 months of data ) into my workbook that had so many rows and columns that I couldn't use the Tableau Reshaper tool for Excel (too big).


      So I was forced to load that big Excel sheet into Tableau and I would pivot all the months so I could use the date feature more easily once inside my Tableau worksheets. Each month...as a new month of data arrived...I would add that new month with the "add data to pivot" feature within "Edit Data Source" screen. I'm now moving into Tableau 10 and when I refreshed my extract with updated data, I can't find the pivot feature. The new data is loaded but I don't see where I can modify the pivots.


      Also, I have red exclamation points over some of the calculations that I had already created back in 9.3. So what do I do now? Been looking around but I can't find a solution. I've provided a screen shot of what my Edit data source screen looks like with some of the red exclamation points but I can't provide a sample of my workbook because it has protected information. Just looking for some suggestions on what to try. The views that I had created back in 9.3 are not rendering at all.

      Edit data source screen.png