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    Only relevant values not working when creating URL for navigation

    Andres Solano

      Hi all,


      We're implementing navigation between workbooks using URL's. We have a time hierarchy (Year-Quarter-Month-Week) in the filters, with data for two years, which use the "Only Relevant Values" feature to cascade the options. When creating the URL for navigation, we use FilterValues field for each one of these filters, however, this field is not carrying Only relevant values. For example, if a user selects week 2016-01, the filters for Month, Quarter and Year will be updated to Month 2016-1, Quarter 2016Q1, Year 2016 in the dashboard, but the FilterValues field used for the URL will show all Years, all Quarters and all Months and the selected week, resulting in an extremely long URL that doesn't reflect actual user selections.


      This is how the time parameters look like in the URL after selecting only 2016 week 1: "Year=2015,2016&Quarter=2015Q1,2015Q2,2015Q3,2015Q4,2016Q1,2016Q2,2016Q3,2016Q4&Month=2015-1,2015-2,2015-3,2015-4,2015-5,2015-6,2015-7,2015-8,2015-9,2015-10,2015-11,2015-12,2016-1,2016-2,2016-3,2016-4,2016-5,2016-6,2016-7,2016-8,2016-9,2016-10,2016-11,2016-12&Week=2016-01"


      We're expecting the URL to be "Year=2016&Quarter=2016Q1&Month=2016-1&Week=2016-01"


      The issue presents two challenges:

      1. Long URL's might not make it through the architecture (firewalls, load balancers, proxys, browsers).

      2. Chart might show accurate results, however, sheet caption will show URL parameters, which won't reflect user selections and lead to confusion.


      Does anyone have a suggestion on how to correctly navigate including in the URL the correct combination of filters values taking advantage of the Only Relevant Values filter feature?