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    Graphs using cascading quick filters

    Irfan Mohammed

      Dear All,


           I have a requirement where in I want to show Organizational level hierarchy. In my table, I have columns like L1, L2, L3, Child, count as  shown below. When I pull this data into Tableau, Org levels as cascading quick filters. This can easily be done by pulling L1,L2,L3 as quick filters and selecting only relevant values. Therefore in my filters, when I select CEO in L1, I can only see HR and Wholesale in L2 and when i select HR in L2, I can only see HR services, HR Planning and HR business partners in L3. This is great. But the issue is how do i show this on the graph. I want to show organizational level and counts as a bar chart. when i select CEO from L1, on my bar chart, I am seeing all the 6 childs. whereas the requirement is to show only the next level departments when I select parent level. For eg., when I select HR from L1, I should see only L2 departments on my graph that is HR and Wholesale but not all the 6 departments.


      Can someone please help me with this. I am seeing right info on my cascading filters but how do we achieve it on the graph. Any workaround will help.


      CEOHRHR ServicesHR Services10


      HRHR PlanningHR Planning20
      CEOHRHR Business PartnersHR Business Partners30