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    Get percentage of cohort instead of simply 'percent of total'

    Peter Cox

      Hi all,


      I am working on a cohort analysis. I have two different tables, (1) user table with 'date_created' of each account and (2) login table with all logins per user with the specific login date. I have constructed already a table which shows the unique logins per period (per month in my example) but now I want to have this number divided by the # of created accounts in a specific period (cohort). Simply running percent of total will give a percentage of total unique logins instead of a percentage of the created account in a month.


      The table below shows the number of Unique logins per period for specific cohorts (users who created an account in a specific period). I want to have the following percentage (%):

      Unique logins for a certain period (COUNTD of logins, from login table) divided by the cohort for a specific month (COUNT of accounts created, from user table).


      For October, it is not simply 10/426 = 2.35%, because there were 550 users who created an account in October 2016. So the outcome should be 426/550= 77.45% in Month 1 and 10/550=1.82% in month 2. But I don't know how to get the number divided by the specific cohort of 550.


      Can someone help me to get the right formula?


      Many thanks in advance for your help!