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    How I can use semester on tableau?

    Enrico Stancanelli

      Hi to everyone!


      I need to use semester to create a viz: i have an excel file with sales data. It is based on semester and I need to work using a continous date. I tried everything, but i can't realize this. My default data is: 2013_1; 2013_2; 2014_1 ecc. ecc.

      I tried on excel to format like a month, 01/2013 for first semester or 07/2013 for second and after i follow these guides: Display Dates By Half Year (Semester) | Tableau Software ; Re: How to create half year (H1 &H2) data and use it in hierarchy .


      Nothing is good for my goal. How i can use a continous semester with a dataset based on semester?


      Thank you very much!