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    What about backwards compatibility of the REST API?

    Hans Huisken



      A customer of me built a deployment tool for users and group management with REST API version 2.0 for Tableau Server 9.1.

      Now they want to upgrade to Tableau 10.0.


      Do they need to re-build their deployment tool using the REST API version 2.3 for TS 10.0?

      Or can they still use REST API version 2.0 calls towards TS 10.0 with only 2.0 methods?


      The REST API documentation does not state anything on backwards compatibility.

      (Only that it would fail if you use a new method against an older version.)

      And i have scrolled thru at least 14 pagina on the developer community but found nothing alike.


      So, can you still use methods in version 2.0 with an URL including 2.0 towards TS 10.0 (which supports REST API 2.3)?

      https://MY-SERVER/api/2.0/... ----> TS 10.0 ?


      Unfortunatly, i can not test it myself.


      Cheers, Hans.