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    Identification key into Sunburst chart : is it possible with Tableau ?


      Hi everyone.


      I've recently got interested in mushrooms... I know, it's quite strange to talk about mushrooms on such a website... Yet, softwares can be useful even for that.


      I came across a mushroom identification key that looks like a handmade sunburst chart :



      I would like to create something similar I could customize to add new information, new kinds of mushrooms, etc.

      I've try to do it with Office Excel, but the result is not quite satisfying because I can't change the text settings (rotation, etc.) :




      Would it be possible to improve it with Tableau ? If yes, how could I achieve it ?


      Thank you very much for you attention and potential advices.


      PS : As you may have notice, English is not my mothertongue. I hope what I wrote is correct English.