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    Filter impacting the running total value

    sumesh behl



      I have data exactly in same format in Tableau.


      Cycle Code: is categorical field

      RunningTotal(Income): is running total table calculation of Income measure



      Question: I want to use cycle code as a filter. But the issue is that when i am using cycle code as a filter, the running total value is getting impacted. I want the running total value to remain correct while using the filter.



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          John Croft

          You can just 'hide' the codes you do not want but right clicking on say '2' and selecting hide. The keeps your running total in tact.



          After hiding


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            John Croft

            If you can't hide. Try this:


            Create a calculated field called 'Index'.


            Drag pill to Rows shelf like the below. Don't worry about table calcs yet. just drag the pills over.


            Right click on index. Click edit table calc. Set it up like this.


            Right click on income, select quick table calc then running total.


            Now left click and drag the index pill from the rows shelf to the filters shelf. and show this filter. This would look better if you actually had a code 1....  You can also edit the Index measure to Index() + 1 to offset as you see mine now. You can rename the index filter over to the right to be whatever you want it to say.




            Hope this helps some. Probably other ways to go about this. workbook attached.