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    Connecting and Refreshing Excel Data

    Greg Mumford

      Hi Everyone,


      Still very new to Tableau and I am having a very hard time with this.  I have a Sharepoint List that is exported to an Excel workbook and I would like to connect to the Excel workbook in Tableau Desktop (I understand that you cannot connect directly to a Sharepoint List and reliably refresh the data - please let me know if that is incorrect!).  I am able to connect to the Excel workbook, but once I have the data in Tableau, I am unable to refresh it.  I have made sure to update the Excel workbook and save it (both on my desktop and on a share drive) but when I hit refresh in Tableau it doesn't pull it in.  I have tried as both a Live connection and an Extract but I figure I must just be missing a step somewhere along the way. 


      Could someone give me instructions on how I can make this work or maybe even just point me to a link that would have step by step instructions?  I love Tableau and what you're able to do with the data but right now it isn't much use since I can't refresh any data!