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    Caching issue with filters in Tableau dashboard - JavaScript API

    Rahul Vartak



      I am facing a strange caching issue with the filters in one of the tableau dashboards we created and was looking for some guidance while I try to resolve it.  Any help / direction / experience would be of great help !


      Below are more details.


      We have a tableau dashboard published on the server that has several filters in it.


      We are developing a web interface wherein a user carries out certain actions on the basis of which we filter this dashboard and show it to the users on our interface.

      One of these filters is caching the value that we preset and that too intermittently.


      We tried with the below approaches..


      A) Setting the filters through the options while calling the viz constructor.


      var viz = null;


      function initDashboard(url) {


      var containerDiv = document.getElementById("dashboardContainer");

      if (null != viz) viz.dispose();

      var options = {

                      hideTabs: true,

                      hideToolbar: true,

                      "Filter1": "Filter1Value",

                      "Filter2": "Filter2Value",

                      "Filter3": "Filter3Value",               

                      height: "680px",

                      width: "1130px",

                      onFirstInteractive: function () {

                          workbook = viz.getWorkbook();

                          activeSheet = workbook.getActiveSheet();                   




                  viz = new tableau.Viz(containerDiv, url, options); 



      B) Setting the filter value through the URL with the help of querystrings and opening the tableau dashboard in an iframe alongside.




      Is there anything that I can specify in the options collection or something I need to check at the server side.

      Whats strange is that this issue occurs completely randomly and only with one particular filter.