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    How to count unique attendees related to Salesforce Campaigns

    Michael Wray

      I have a few Salesforce.com campaigns that are used to segment our contacts, and I'm trying to find both the meetings created by our sales desk, and the number of unique contacts related to the meetings by date (week, month, quarter ...).


      So, I was trying to create this in Tableau that would basically look like the following table. The issue is that I need to count the number of related contacts from the Salesforce Event Relations table, which isn't represented in the example results shown here.


      In Salesforce, I've only been able to create this type of report referencing one campaign at time using a custom report showing contacts with related activities using the following custom report.  I've included an example below, to show the filters we need, which requires some related relationships to filter by certain user roles (user record), who the events were created by (user record), and then cross filter where any of the related  contact is in a campaign -


      In Tableau, to find contacts that are related to the Salesforce events (where we're using Shared Events) we need to pull contacts with Event Relations. I've tried using blending to connect Campaigns and Events.  However, I keep running into data aggregation errors when trying to do Distinct Counts on Event IDs and related Contact ID.  So, I'm now trying to build a single data source to explicitly join the relationships, to avoid blending.  So, I came up with this Salesforce connection of Campaign Members (Campaigns), Contacts and Event Relations as shown here -

      Campaigns with Event Relations.JPG

      Anyway, I'm curious to see if anyone has recommendations of how they would create this.  I've seen some discussions and challenges about about connecting campaigns and opportunities to task and events, which is similar, except I need to take it step further to aggregate on multiple contact events.


      Thanks in advance for any suggestions!