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    How Can We Use Up and Down Arrows for Specific Columns?

    Khalid Baker

      Suppose Company is comparing current month sales vs a year ago (same month) sales vs planned sales for the current month. You have 2 columns depicting the % change and want arrows showing increase or decrease in those 2 columns.


      I used if then else statement with elseif statements, it implements correctly to a single column and not both.


      This is the syntax I used:

      IF [Current vs planned %] >0 THEN "Up"

      ELSEIF  [Current vs planned] < 0 THEN "Down"

      ELSEIF  [Current vs Year ago %] > 0 THEN "Up"

      ELSEIF  [Current vs Year ago %]< 0 THEN "Down"





      May anyone help me?

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