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    Apostrophe as thousand seperator


      Hi all,


      I want to set an apostrophe as thousand separator for all my measures.

      I right click the measure value and set under the default settings the number format to custom and apply this format:




      Works well for values of thousand: 24'608

      but for values of hundred and below it looks bad: '114 resp. '94


      Can anyone tell me how to show the thousand separator for values of thousand only?

      Just like Tableau shows it by default with a dot as thousand separator...


      Thank you in advance.

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          Timothy Vermeiren

          Hi Ahmed,


          I'm not sure if this is the response you are looking for, but it may be interesting in case you always want to apply this formatting.


          That is, the thousands separator being used by Tableau is dependent on the locale of the computer it is being used on, and then more specifically the workbook locale that has been selected. That means, if you select a workbook locale (through File > Workbook Locale) where the apostrophe is the common thousands separator, this will be applied throughout your workbook.


          Here's an example where I selected German (Switzerland), where the apostrophe is used as well.


          Hope this helps!





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            it solved my problem, thank you, however the explained strange behavior with the formatting is not cleared.

            Still I accepted your answer as correct


            Thank you again.