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    Action filters

    Meghana Kedari

      Hi All,

      I have 2 dashboards in a workbook and the requirement is to traverse from one dashboard to the other using action filter or the URL action filter.

      Dashboard1 is having hierarchy ( i.e, Platform,Cluster,Process)  and multiple measures ( calculated fields)  in which the data is devided. 

      Dashboard2 is having user details.

      So whenever user clicks on some particular data in Dashboard1, only that data needs to be shown in Dashboard2. For example, if user clicks on a cluster in Dashboard1 where the user count is 5, then Dashboard2 should show details of only  those 5 users.


      I tried creating URL action with Platform,Cluster and process as fields but unable to pass more than one field in URL. If I pass only Platform as a field then It brings  all users for that platform.

      I then tried creating action Filter , but then it does not work as expected as it has multiple measures. Works well if only one measure is used.


      Please suggest if any solutions possible.


      Please let me know if its possible to pass multiple fields in URL filter. ( If possible, with what separator I can)