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    Tabcmd login Issue

    junjappa madirappa

      Hi Guys


      have you come across this issue while logging in using tabcmd i am getting this error message


        *** Uncaught exception RuntimeException: java.net.MalformedURLException: For i

      nput string: "localhost"

        *** See the logs for the stacktrace.


      tableau server is up and running, I am able to login from the portal, its a local authentication



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          Jeff D

          Hi junjappa, what's command line you're running that is causing the problem?

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            junjappa madirappa

            Hi Jeff


            Thank you for taking time to help me with this issue

            command line I used is

            D:\Tableau Server\Tableau Server\10.1\bin>tabcmd login -s http://localhost:8000

            -u junjappa -p junjappa1234


            Like I mentioned I can use tabadmin commands to take a backup, make configuration changes, I am able to login in to the portal as well only problem is while logging in using tabcmd




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              Jeffrey Lutomski


              This is interesting a user of ours in using API to customize some sites on Tableau Server and is getting some errors like you are mentioning. I wonder if its related like he is not using the correct port to connect? I'll have to forward him a portion of our Tableau server configuration to verify.


              In regards to backup using tabcmd this is what we use run as a task and save as batch file or .bat:


              @echo OFF

              :: set bin path for tabadmin

              set BINPATH="D:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\10.1\bin"

              set SAVETIMESTAMP=%DATE:/=-%

              set CURRENTPATH=%cd%

              echo %date% %time%:

              cd /d %BINPATH%

              echo %date% %time%:  ***

              tabadmin ziplogs -f -l -n "\\offhostlocation\TableauBkPDC$\prdtablogs.zip"

                 tabadmin backup "\\offhostlocation\TableauBkPDC$\prdbkfile" -d

              cd %CURRENTPATH%