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    Calculation based on a calculation

    jason thompson

      I am in the process of creating KPI's on a Scorecard and I am evaluating the compliance audit rate on mortgage loans.  I am using the Table Calculation "Percent of Total" to calculate percent of loans that have been audited vs. percent of loans that have not been audited based on another calculation that produces a Y/N for if the loan was audited.  This calculation works well and I have no issues and we can refer to this calculation as "Audit Rate". 


      I am trying to take it a step further, to reflect in KPI's the change in Audit Rate (calculation from above).  For instance if the audit rate was 10% in January but 20% in February I want to show that the change was 100% positive because it doubled.  I cannot get a table calculation to point at the Audit Rate calculation to calculate this change.  Is there someway I can make this happen?


      Appreciate the feedback.  This is my first post on these forums so if I am missing key details please let me know.