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    How exactly is this vizql export link generated by tableau?

    wesley smith

      When I go to my tableau server in my browser and manually export a view as a crosstab, an AJAX request is posted to the below URL:





      I would like to understand exactly how this URL is constructed. Specifically:



      • sessions/CCF2EB9877A64B1DB7675FBF8CD149EA-0:0
        • Is this a vizql session ID for the server?
        • If so, is there any way I can initiate and retrieve this session ID after connecting to tableau via Python or via the REST API (or any other method)?
      • views/14158305252842675316_12264897229895915285
        • What exactly is this? I first thought that is was the workbook id appended to the view id but the format proves that to be incorrect
        • Does this ID(?) change, or is it always the same for that view? In my tests across multiple browser sessions, this identifier remained the same leading me to believe that it is static.


      The reason I'm asking is that I am attempting to create a workaround to be able to automate the export of a view as a crosstab which, oddly, is not supported by any tableau API. Clearly, this call to the server is creating the exported file which seems to time out after a bit. My thinking is that I may be able to spoof this call via Python or cURL and then down load the file since tabcmd and the other APIs cant export it directly.