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    Adding CAGR for specific time period

    Eric Dooody

      I am attempting to create a table that will calculate the CAGR as an independent column for a specific series of years.

      I am essentially trying to recreate this table from excel in Tableau. I have year and Measure Names as columns and the Vertical as a row. I can calculate the CAGR for 2015 using the following formula:


      POWER(ZN(SUM([Calculation1]))/LOOKUP(ZN(SUM([Calculation1])),-[ N Year 12-15]),

      ZN(1/[ N Year 12-15])) - 1


      But that equation shows up in all the subsequent CAGR columns as seen below.

      Does anyone know of a way to adjust this table so that the calculation appears at the end as in my excel view and also allows me to do another separate CAGR calculation?


      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.