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    PowerPoint with Tableau slides

    Cynthia Derksen



      I am a newbies and hope someone can give me some guidance.  I have tried the LiveWeb Add-in to a PowerPoint presentation and it worked.  Problem doesn't work organizational wide because of problems with security settings and our organizations restrictions against using the add-in.


      My organization has a tableau server. I am wondering is there a way to have my slides updated automatically by connecting it to the server and/or have me updated it and file save as... and have the images be captured.  We have multiple facilities who need custom views each month.  One PowerPoint may contain up to 30 worksheets and multiply that by 18 facilities and I am behind before I start.   What I am really seeking is a way to embed each worksheet (I think)?  I think it needs to be independent by capturing the image or something?


      The PowerPoint-Excel relationship would be Inserting an Excel graph as a linked object and breaking the links after updating excel.


      I have Tableau 9.2, Tableau Server 9.2.3 and PowerPoint 2013.


      Any help or advice would be appreciated.  It is my goal to have do away with endless hours of cutting and pasting. 

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          Cynthia Derksen



          Thank you so much for answering but I haven't been able to get these to do anything.  I read the attachment - is there a setting or something that I need to connect?  I am such a newbie - any help is appreciated.

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            Shinichiro Murakami

            I'm not a specialist on this topic and you can contact to blog owner directly.

            Actually Derrick Austin is one of Forum Ambassadors.




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              Derrick Austin

              Thanks for the ping, Shinichiro!


              Cynthia, basically you need tabcmd, a command line utility to export the images programmatically.

              Then, using Powershell, you can build out the powerpoint, making a slide for each image.


              The script on the blog should be a good start, but will need some minor modifications to point to your Tableau visualization urls.


              Hope this helps!

              - Derrick

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                Cynthia Derksen

                Thank you for your help and your patience. 


                All of my comments are in bold and italicized.

                I have been trying to analyse your script and this is as far as I have gotten.


                # Base path of your script. This is where my script is filed correct? I just created a folder on my desktop and mapped it accordingly.

                $base = 'C:\Users\ME\Desktop\Powerpoint\';


                # Tableau Server URL  This is the URL that put in when I sign-on to my server correct?

                $ts_url = 'https://tableau.mysite.com';


                # Path to your tabcmd setup ** No clue my program files reads does not have Tableau Server\9.1\extras\Command Line Utility\

                My programs (bin, bin 32 , defaults, help, local, mapsources, patterns, performance, & webdatasources)  ** I don’t know what to do here.

                $tabcmd_path = "C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\9.1\extras\Command Line Utility\";


                # URLs to Pull into the PPTX - Add a ? to the end of these, if they do not have one already.

                I used this 'views/MyWorkbookName/2016_report?'    Is the views needed? I realize they need to be listed in a stacking order.  Right? Or can you use Dashboards? 

                $urls = @(





                $work_dir      = $base + '\temp\';

                $input_pres    = $base + '\AnalyticsPPTBase.pptx';  Does this PowerPoint need to be in my temp folder?

                $output_folder = $base + '\output\';


                $env:path += ";" + $tabcmd_path;

                Add-Type -AssemblyName Office;


                # These could be pulled from elsewhere, they probably should not be hardcoded. Tried each login type and have changed the script to indicate, “Yes, your login has failed again.”  Just to give me a little feeling of accomplishment.

                $username = "daustin";

                $password = "mypasswordhere"

                $mysite   = "daustin";


                # Login - use the second version instead if you do not have a site.

                tabcmd login -s $ts_url -u $username -p $password -t $mysite --no-certcheck;

                #tabcmd login -s $ts_url -u $username -p $password --no-certcheck;


                if ($LastExitCode -ne 0) {

                    echo "Login failed.  Goodbye.";




                I haven’t made it past this point.


                This has all lead me to ask. If there is a way to pull this from my tableau workbook (*.twb)? 

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                  Cynthia Derksen

                  Hey ALL!!!


                  I have found a work around that I am sharing here.  I hope it spreads.  I printed my workbook to PDF and then use Adobe Acrobat XI Pro to save as a PowerPoint.  YES... Save it directly as a PowerPoint!

                  I have added my title sheet, etc as dashboards and logo, etc.    There is just one thing... (ALWAYS)  The format sometime changes it is always good to check no conversion is perfect.  I changed the base report in tableau and it fixed it with the next test.


                  Oh,   The end product that is exported out of Acrobat is images that is why it shifted.  I was also able to import the images to templates without an issue. 

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                    Lance Martens

                    Hi Cynthia,


                    I have been trying to find a way to convert my Tableau dashboard Pdf’s into power point for some time now (like >7months),


                    Can I ask that you follow me on the forum so I can get a better understanding on how you are managing the format?