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    Use Secondary Data Source as T/F filter for Primary Data Source

    Christoffer Haaland

      Hi guys,


      I'm working for a music company and trying to create a lookup using a secondary spreadsheet to decide what artist to include in one of my reports.


      Every month I get a data export with data for approx 1700 artists, and I want to only show relevant artists in the report for the stakeholders I'm sharing this report with. Until no I've been using a VLOOKUP in Excel referring to a tab where I add the artists I want to include. However I want to be able to only drag and drop the data file into my folder every month, and use a separate priority sheet as a reference for what to include.


      Is there a way where I can use a list in a spread sheet (Attachment: Priority.jpg) as a filter (T/F) for what data to include from the data export (dataexport.jpg).