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    How do I link column data in a DB table to the data in another column of the same table?

    Jack Engram

      Hello, I am new to Tableau so I hope this is the correct forum to submit this question.


      I have a SQL table that contains a column that will list several events that have taken place. A new row will be added each time this event occurs and the duration of the event will be logged into another column of the same row.

      In the picture below, I want to make a bar chart that will show all selected events listed in the chart with the summation of the Duration column.


      Ex. In the picture below I would have a bar in the chart for each event


      Event                         Duration Total

      Machine Stop               00:00:06

      Running                        00:01:16

      Starved                         00:02:25


      Any information would be very much appreciated.




      SQL table data.png