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    Show Average vs Count

    Greg Mumford

      Hi Everyone,


      Brand new to Tableau and brand new to this forum as well!


      I am hoping to show a bar chart that shows the count for individual clients vs the average overall. So to be more specific, I have a chart that shows Client Name, Software Versions that the client owns, and then the count in days that it took for the client to upgrade that software.  That is all good.  However, on the same chart, I'd like to include the average time in days that it takes each software version to be upgraded so as to compare each client time vs the average. The idea is to somehow 'filter' the chart down to show just one client at a time vs the avg.  Of course, I'm able to calculate the average, but if I filter the viz down to show just one client, that also filters the average and doesn't show me what I want.  Is using parameters the way that I should approach this problem? Or is this even possible at all?


      Thanks and please let me know if I need to clarify. As I said I am very new to this